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Known theft suspects facing felony charges

At around 8:30AM, officers responded to the report of a shoplifting incident in the 300 blk Strander Blvd. Two suspects were located inside of their vehicle in the parking lot and contacted by officers. They were identified and trespassed from the location.

At 11:30AM, officers responded to another shoplifting incident in the 17300 blk Southcenter Pkwy. Two suspects shoplifted and fled with approximately $5,000 in merchandise. Upon review of the surveillance footage, officers recognized both suspects as being the same as from the earlier shoplifting incident. While most people would not think it wise to commit a crime a few blocks away and but a mere few hours after being identified by police, these two took upon themselves to do so.

The case is being forwarded to the Major Crimes Unit (MCU) for review and filing of felony theft charges. Both individuals are encouraged to contact Major Crimes Detectives to explain their behavior.

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