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Tukwila DV Advocate Retires

At the end of 2020, we had yet another retirement of a long-time Tukwila PD family member. Beth Adams who has been our department’s Domestic Violence Victim Advocate retired after 14 years of service with us.

In her 14 years of service, Beth has provided assistance and resources to countless individuals impacted by domestic violence. Whenever officers take a domestic violence report, the victim is provided with resources and is put in contact with Beth. Her position is one of many processes that are part of the behind the scenes of our operations that are seldom seen or known about by the public.

Beth also assisted and provided her expertise and guidance to our officers who drafted the ordinance TMC 8.06.050 Exposing Minor Children to Domestic Violence in 2019.

Thank you Beth for your hard work and dedication to the Tukwila community and our department.

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