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Thank You Trisha

Thank You Trisha – There are some people in life that you will always remember no matter how much time has passed because of who they are and what they mean to you even if it was just but for a brief moment in the timeline of your life. You remember them for their kindness, caring and positive vibe that they put out which impacts everyone around them just by their mere presence and smile. We are fortunate to have such a person like that here in Tukwila named Trisha. Trisha is our Tukwila Facility Custodian who is up early, works long hours and is a part of our Tukwila PD family.

Many years ago, officers began finding snacks and drinks appearing in the department fridge and cabinets. It was a mystery for quite some time as to where all of this edible goodness had come from. It was finally revealed that Trisha had been loading the fridge and cabinets with snacks for us using her own money out of the goodness of her heart. Her caring and giving didn’t just end there.

There were many times where an officer would return to the station from a particularly traumatic call in the early morning hours and feel alone and isolated processing what they had just witnessed and experienced. Trisha always recognized this and would ask if they were ok and offer a hug, kind words and a smile. Such a seemingly simple act makes the world of difference and is never forgotten. She would also always take the time to talk to and listen to our officers, offer kind words and do whatever she could to assist and get to know everyone right down to the newest officer.

When we moved into our new Tukwila Justice Center in September, many officers immediately asked “Is Trisha going to be coming with us?” It would not have felt the same without her and we are grateful that she was able to make the move with us.

In reality, there is no way to truly express our thanks to Trisha for everything that she has done for us over the years. This year however, Tukwila officers, the Tukwila Police Officer Guild (TPOG), supervisors and command staff all pooled our money to provide Trisha with gift certificates and gifts for her and her family. Chief Drever and Tukwila officers presented Trisha with the gifts this morning after Chief Drever expressed on behalf of all of us our thanks for Trisha always being there for us. We are grateful to have her as part of our Tukwila PD family and as part of the Tukwila community. Thank you Trisha for all you have done for all of us here at Tukwila PD.

One thought on “Thank You Trisha

  1. This is the human side of TPD we need to know more about. That what they see on the job has definite and deep impacts. And that there are Angels, who are the “first responders” to our first responders. We are all human and need support/love. So nice to learn about Trisha. She gets it. Thank you for returning the love to her as well TPD!!!

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