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Snowfall Causes Multiple Collisions

Well…the radio is chirping with collision after collision this morning due to the snow that started sticking about an hour ago. Some roads such as Brummers Hill (51st at S 144th St) may be closed on and off due to the inclement weather.

As a reminder, if you see a road closed sign up and or officers diverting traffic, this is not a new TikTok 2022 YOLO challenge to see if you can convert your car into a snowmobile and traverse the roadways in it. Doing so can result in a very large fine under RCW 46.44.080 “Violation of Posted Road Restrictions”.

Pay attention to the roads, watch your speeds, don’t tailgate and other common sense driving tips are in effect. If you’re involved in a non-injury collision, move to the side of road or a parking lot to exchange information. If your collision is a non-injury collision, please consider filing a collision report online at the below link to save yourself time. Due to the amount of collisions we are responding to and the likelihood of more as the day progresses in addition to our normal 9-1-1 calls, response times to non-injury and or non-blocking collisions may be extended. Tow truck response times will also be extended due to the volume of calls.

Report Collision Online

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