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Officers Recover Stolen Vehicle & Catalytic Converters

Just before 5PM, an observant community member observed a van in the 13000 blk Interurban Ave S that had its door open. The witness noticed multiple catalytic converters piled up inside of the van and a male inside of the vehicle. Due to the theft of catalytic converters in the area, the witness called 9-1-1 to report it to officers.

An officer arrived on scene shortly thereafter at which time the 52-year-old male suspect from Lakewood attempted to close the door to hide the catalytic converters from view. Clearly sketchy behavior. The officer quickly ran the plate and discovered that the van had been reported stolen several hours prior in Tacoma. The suspect was taken into custody without incident. The van was impounded.

Earlier in the day, at around 11, a similar incident occurred in the 300 blk Strander Blvd. Another observant community member witnessed a male with a power tool crawling under a red SUV. Also clearly sketchy behavior. The suspect left the area but was located nearby in the same parking lot by the same officer as above. The suspect saw the officer coming and chose to chuck the freshly stolen catalytic converter over a fence and into a pond.

The suspect then got in their less than discrete getaway chariot, a red lowered Honda Civic with a broken windshield, plastic over a rear window and bright white rims and fled. The suspect drove at a high rate of speed into oncoming traffic and was not pursued due to their reckless driving.

One thought on “Officers Recover Stolen Vehicle & Catalytic Converters

  1. Thank you to the concerned citizen and thank you to Tukwila Police. You are out there working hard and doing a difficult job in the best of times. You deserve accolades and a WOOT-WOOT!!

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