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Axon Body 3 Camera

In 2017, Tukwila PD became the first department in the state and one of the first in the nation to deploy body worn cameras (BWC) and dash cameras department wide. The BWC program provided officers with a three-camera setup. An Axon 2 BWC, a front facing Axon 2 Fleet Dash Cam and a rear facing Axon 2 Fleet camera that records the rear transport portion of patrol vehicles. The success of the program has led other agencies to inquire about similar programs and evaluate having a similar BWC program in their agencies.

As part of the 2020 equipment upgrade, Tukwila PD officers have been issued the new Axon 3 BWC systems. Changes include clearer picture quality with better low-light recording capabilities, reduced motion blur during recording, four microphones to capture clearer audio, weapon deployment alerts, gunshot detection and more.

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