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From Investigating Cattle Rustlers to Herding Goats

Other Duties as Assigned – From Investigating Cattle Rustlers to Herding Goats 🐐

Since the appointment of the first Tukwila Marshal Charles G. Wood on June 29, 1908, “Other duties as assigned” has oftentimes included corralling stray livestock and animals. As the city grew in size and I-5 and 405 were constructed through the heart of the city, these types of calls dwindled but still exist even today.

Last week, officers assisted with corralling a herd of goats that had escaped from a residence near Foster Park. Several years prior we had the Monty the Pig escapades, herding escaped peacocks, cows that mysteriously appeared in Allentown, chicken’s assaulting a neighbor and other calls involving livestock and exotic animals that makes for seldom a dull moment around here.

Attached from our historical archives is a 1966 article when cattle rustlers came to town.

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