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Business Emphasis Patrols Underway

If you’ve noticed a large number of officers in and around Westfield Southcenter and the Southcenter District, nothing is wrong or going on. Our emphasis patrols are in full-swing and our officers and detectives have been patrolling on foot, on bikes and in vehicles along the bus stops on Andover Park W, in the parking lots and in the stores. Multiple citations and arrests have been made stemming from these patrols, stolen cars have been recovered, Blake Warnings issued for narcotic violations and quite a few individuals with heaping handfuls of merchandise realized that it would be a better idea to put the merchandise back on the racks and leave the area.

The emphasis patrols have made a noticeable difference in the area especially for those who have come to the city to commit crimes. We have had several known Organized Retail Theft (ORT) suspects caught in the act or process of complain about our presence and for being stopped and or removed from stores before they could finish their shoplifting sprees.

Some of them have returned to the stolen vehicles that they arrived in only to find out that we had stolen said stolen vehicles back and returned them to the rightful owner(s). Most have taken then hint that this isn’t a department or city that tolerates open-air drug use at bus stops or in restrooms, the threatening of employees or shoplifting and walking out the door without a care. As a result, we have seen a noticeable decline in known frequent flyers in the area.

The extra patrols will continue throughout the rest of the year. These patrols are in addition to our regular patrol division officers who are still responding to 9-1-1 calls and patrolling residential areas of the city.

We are also still hiring both lateral (experienced) officers and entry level officers with no prior policing experience. If you want to be a part of a team that is still out there making arrests, doing proactive police work, assisting those in need and working towards the common goal of creating a safer environment for our community then apply today! for more info

📞 9-1-1 for emergencies
📞 (206) 241-2121 for non-emergencies
💻 to self-file a non-emergency or non-in progress report

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