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Summer Heat Can Lead to Avoidable Tragedies

Word on the street (and the weather app) is that temperatures will be pushing 90° this weekend. Now that our fall-like summer weather is supposedly over, do NOT leave kids or pets in your car unattended for even a little bit and even with the windows cracked. Temperatures can quickly rise to unsafe levels inside a vehicle and end in tragedy.

Nationwide, six children have died this year so far after being left in hot vehicles. A much larger number of animals die each year after being left inside vehicles. These are very avoidable tragedies that leave everyone involved in such incidents deeply impacted and traumatized.

Many homes in the region do not have AC and can also get extremely hot. Check on your kids, elderly family members, neighbors and other vulnerable members of the community that you know to make sure they’re able to stay cool, hydrated and safe as we move into the summer months. If they are showing signs of heat stroke or bad dehydration, do not hesitate to call 9-1-1.

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