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Tukwila PD Partners with SPIDR Tech to Provide Alerts to 9-1-1 Callers

NEW TECHNOLOGY ALERT! Quite literally…

One of the common pieces of feedback we get is, “I called 9-1-1, where is the officer? What is being done with my case? Who is the handling officer? Has it been assigned to a detective?” Etc. etc. etc.

For those asking these questions, fear thee not. We have implemented a new communication system in partnership with SPIDR Tech to provide automated text and e-mail messages updates and other information to those who call us for service.

Upon calling 9-1-1 (or our non-emergency line) and requesting an officer to respond, callers will receive a message acknowledging their call for service. Certain types of crimes will not receive an alert due to the nature of the crime. If an assigned officer is delayed due to other priority calls, the caller will be notified as such. The caller will also receive notifications with their case number, explanation of the next steps, that a report has been submitted by the handling officer, if it has been forwarded to the Major Crimes Unit (MCU) for detective review or action, if an arrest has been made etc.  

To better assist us in the future, callers will also receive a short survey regarding their overall experience which will be used to help us better serve the needs of our community based on the feedback we receive.

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