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Homeless Outreach Video Release

Please take a minute to check out our homeless outreach video outlining our efforts to assist our homeless residents. The video covers common questions, our efforts to assist those in need and enforcement actions that are taken when required. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our upcoming videos.

There is a delicate balance between compassion and enforcement which must be maintained to obtain not just quicker success, but more long-term and sustainable change for those living on the streets.

One thing that isn’t widely known is that there are many barriers to accepting offers of shelter. Couples normally must be split up to be housed in shelters as the vast majority are not coed. This means losing their closest friend which on the streets may be their only one. They usually have to give up their possessions. Everything that they had accumulated and rely on to stay warm and survive they must walk away from. Many have been to shelters previously which for one reason or another didn’t work out so the trade off in giving up their possessions for just the hope of sustainable shelter is not worth it. Others have pets that they aren’t willing to part with for shelter. Some suffer from mental crisis which can make them violent, volatile or disruptive which gets them removed from shelters. There are also some who are not ready to give up substances they abuse in exchange for shelter.

These barriers to obtaining shelter oftentimes are the majority of the reasons cited for refusal of shelter and services. Many want shelter but know that they are trading a lot for shelter that may only be a brief overnight stay, not permanent shelter or cost them everything they own and hold dear.

There are no easy answers to address how to best provide solutions to everyone in need. We approach the problem with a multifaceted approach of compassion, resources, assistance and enforcement action.

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