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Major Crimes Unit (MCU) 2021 Teamwork in Action Award recipient

Major Crimes Unit (MCU) receives the City of Tukwila 2021 Teamwork in Action Award

Consisting of only seven (7) Detectives and one (1) Sergeant, with the direct support of a Crime Analyst and Investigations Records Specialist, the Major Crimes Unit is on pace to investigate nearly four hundred (400) cases from 2021. These cases include missing persons, CPS referrals, juvenile arrests, death investigations, felony crimes, cold cases that have been reopened due to successful genetic genealogy DNA testing, and more.

Also, in 2021 the Major Crimes Unit has deployed to over twenty (20) callouts due to its dual responsibilities for the City of Tukwila and Valley Independent Investigations Team. Callouts have included multiple shootings, multiple stabbings, the major Maple Crest Apartment Fire, one homicide, and more. These investigations and callouts regularly require coordination with other police agencies, and with the help of our Crime Analyst, the Major Crimes Unit has been able to successfully link multiple cases throughout the region.

Altogether, members of the Major Crimes Unit have demonstrated their ability to work well as a team, regularly provide support to one another, and are always willing to share workload. They support the mission of the police department, are motivated, engaged, easy to supervise, and continue to provide high-quality service to our community even though the unit is short staffed.

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