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Officers investigating go-kart theft

Other Duties as Assigned ” Normally this entails soliciting a rookie officer or two to assist with dumpster diving to recover evidence, performing traffic control at the scene of a fully loaded Honeybucket that fell off a truck into the roadway spilling it’s repugnant cargo all over and other such less than desirable tasks. In this instance, there was no shortage of volunteers to assist another officer’s call for assistance in the form of “Does anybody want to help drive some go-karts back to the Fun Center?” So, if you see any officers driving go-karts on the road over the next hour or so, they aren’t LARP’ing and making their Mario Kart dreams a reality. Here is the deal…

Overnight, someone(s), took it upon themselves to liberate the Fun Center of 10 go-karts. The theft was discovered by a business just up Interurban Ave S. who located two abandoned go-carts in their parking lot. A third go-kart was located abandoned in the vicinity of the Fun Center and another further north on Interurban Ave S. at Foster Golf. There are still several go-karts missing and officers are searching the area for them.

A case report was taken, and surveillance footage will be reviewed to identify the suspects who are now facing felony burglary charges. As always the suspect(s) are welcome to come to the police station to discuss their behavior.

(LARP – Live Action Role Play)

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