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Dent Repair Scam – On October 15 at about 9AM, officers were alerted to a male and female that had attempted to lure several potential victims out of their vehicles to show them something on the side of their vehicle in the 300 blk Strander Blvd.

There have been several recent reports in the region of individuals doing the same to show the victim “damage” to their vehicle that they noticed and claim that they had “fixed” or would “fix” it for them. The damage is usually something simple like a pushed in plastic bumper that usually the scammers themselves caused. The scam works in one of two ways. The scammer either aggressively demands money upfront and then immediately flees upon payment, or they “fix it” then demand payment without having mentioned fixing it for money in the first place.

Due to these recent reports circulating on social media, the alert potential victims did not entertain their attempts and called 911. The suspects fled in a vehicle which was found abandoned a few blocks away. It was on private property and promptly towed by the property owners.

Officers located the couple who had been going in and out of businesses attempting to hide. Both have extensive criminal histories. The male suspect had a felony DOC Escape warrant. He went the “I just swallowed heroin” route and was transported to the hospital for evaluation due to his claims.

If you are approached by anyone in this manner, please call 911. You are under no obligation to have a random person fix your vehicle or to pay them for noticing it or fixing it for you if they voluntarily agreed to do so. In some instances, they will threaten to sue you for non-payment or to call the police and have you arrested. In these instances, just call or have someone else call 911 if you are unable to do so.

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