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Tukwila Officer Completes U.S. Army OCS

Congratulations to Officer Arjona who was commissioned as a Warrant Officer with the U.S. Army this past Saturday. Officer Arjona graduated from Officer Candidate School (OCS) at the top of his class and was awarded as an Honor Graduate and an APFT Award Recipient. He currently serves in the Army National Guard.

Prior to joining us in 2019, Officer Arjona was an officer with Dallas PD and a U.S. Army veteran who was one of five military veterans hired in 2019 several of which who are still active with the National Guard. The National Guard have played an integral role in the COVID-19 relief efforts especially here in Tukwila where they have put in countless hours assisting at the Tukwila Food Pantry and providing logistical support for relief efforts statewide.

Congratulations to Officer Arjona on your commission and thank you and all the other veterans for your service to our nation and our communities.

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