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Automated Photo Enforcement Program – School Zone Speed Cameras

Every year, Tukwila officers respond to multiple avoidable collisions caused by speeding in our city. A pedestrian hit at 20mph has a 90 percent chance of survival which falls to 50 percent at 30mph and 10 percent survival rate at 40mph. To keep our youth safe, the City of Tukwila is implementing an Automated School Zone Speed Enforcement Program.

Photo enforcement of the school zone speed limit is just one approach to addressing this problem on Tukwila streets and to keep our students and school staff members safe. Driving at or below 20 MPH gives people driving and children walking more time to see each other and react. The goal is to improve safety for everyone.

In September of 2021, the City of Tukwila will begin using fixed cameras to enforce the 20 MPH school zone speed limit at Showalter Middle School and Foster High School. Warnings will be issued for the month of September as drivers get use to the new cameras. Beginning October 1, 2021, warnings will stop and citations will be issued.

The speed cameras only operate when the school zone flashing beacons are in operation during normal school hours in which students and staff will be coming and going from the area. If the flashing beacon is activated, then the cameras are operating.

School Name

Foster HS

Showalter Middle School

School Zone

S 144th St @ 46th Ave S

S 144th St @ 46th Ave S


September 2021

September 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should it take to receive an automated speed camera citation?

All notice of infractions will be mailed within 14 days of the date the violation took place. If the violation took place while driving a rental car, the time frame will be longer. The rental car company has the opportunity to identify the vehicle operator and forward the information so a notice of infraction can be mailed to the renter of the vehicle. If your address is not updated with the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL), there may also be delays in receiving a citation.

How much is the citation?

Citations range from $210 – $240 depending on the violators speed.

How do I pay the citation?

Instructions for paying the citation will be included with the citation.

How do I contest a citation?

Instructions on how to contest a citation are listed on the citation.

What happens to my license or insurance if I pay the ticket or I am found guilty in court?

A photo enforced violation is treated like a parking infraction. There are no issues with your license, no points assessed, and no impact to your insurance.

How do the cameras work?

The speed cameras operate by using digital signal processing and in-ground point-to-point loop detectors to make multiple measurements of a vehicle as it passes through the school speed zone. The vehicle’s speed is calculated based off the time it takes to travel between the loop detectors. The cameras are connected to the school zone beacons and only operate when the beacons are flashing. If the beacons are not flashing, then drivers will not be issued citations.

Photos of the vehicle and the vehicle license plate taken at the time the vehicle was detected speeding in a school zone are filed along with a notice of infraction in the Tukwila Municipal Court.

Is there a way for me to review the photographic evidence that I was speeding?

Instructions for how to view the evidence are listed on the citation.

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