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The Tukwila PD blotter contains highlighted incident summaries of police calls for service.

Blotter October 29, 2020

Blotter October 29th – Another busy day. Alert security guards alerted officer’s to thieves that had broken into semi-trailers, a serious-injury accident, several fights, mail theft and shoplifting incidents as well. We have been receiving multiple calls about a transient family that are usually near the I-5 Southbound exit to Southcenter Blvd. Our Community Police Team (CPT) has been in contact them over the past couple of days and are working towards getting them resources and assistance.

As we move into the weekend, friendly reminder to not get behind the wheel if you are partaking in the consumption of any mind-altering substances (legal or illegal). Halloween will be a bit different this year due to COVID-19 but we are still anticipating seeing an increase in foot and vehicle traffic during the evening hours. WSP has their mobile DUI processing center out this weekend in the area to assist with processing suspected DUI drivers.

Westfield Mall is hosting a drive-thru Trick-or-Treat event for kids from 12PM – 2PM at the mall.

Street Racing 2024694

200 blk Southcenter Pkwy

Officers responded to a report of a large group of cars and people on foot blocking the intersection at 200th and Southcenter Pkwy. Several individuals in cars were wasting rubber on their tires by dangerously spinning in circles with onlookers around them. Group fled upon officer’s arrival.

Attempted Vehicle Theft 2024695

4200 S 164th St

Suspect attempted to steal a vehicle from a residence at around 12:30AM. Felony mechanic skills were not up to par and so they fled on foot. Resident noticed the vehicle running and called 911.

Lewd Conduct 2024698

4700 blk Southcenter Blvd

Report of a male partaking in lewd conduct of the solo variety in a stairwell at around 3:30AM. Male was gone prior to officer’s arrival.

Attempted Vehicle Theft/Vehicle Prowl 2024712

14800 blk Interurban Ave S

Attempted vehicle theft that occurred sometime overnight. Suspect damaged the steering column but was unable to figure out how to start the vehicle. Suspect took items from the vehicle instead and fled.

Mail Theft 2024720

14200 blk 56th Ave S

Resident report a male approximately 5’9” tall with a red hoodie, dark pants and a black backpack with yellow stripes stealing neighbors mail. Suspect fled on foot and was not located.

Disorderly Conduct/Shoplifting 2024730

16700 blk Southcenter Pkwy

Just after 1PM, a male from Seattle was reported to be throwing merchandise around a store and acting erratically. He took merchandise and fled on foot. Officer’s located and recognized him from multiple trespassing and suspicious person calls over the past few days. The store declined to pursue theft charges. Suspect was trespassed and released.

Dispute 2024743

4000 blk S 115th St

Report of a resident that retrieved and displayed a rifle during the course of a dispute with several individuals performing contract services. Issue was resolved.

Fight 2024751

Stander Blvd & Andover Park W

Multiple reports of 3 males assaulting 1 male at a bus stop. Arriving officers found the victim who was bleeding. He denied having been in any kind of altercation at all, declined medical evaluation and refused to cooperate.

Dispute 2024754

300 blk Strander Blvd

Possibly related to about fight call 10 minutes prior and a block away, officer’s responded to a report of two individuals in a very heated dispute “nose to nose” getting ready to rumble. They both fled and were not located.

Auto Recovery 2024760

15600 blk West Valley Hwy

A vehicle stolen in Tukwila on October 23rd was located abandoned in a parking lot. The stereo equipment and two car batteries were missing from the vehicle.

Injury-Accident 2024765

4200 blk S 160th St

Officer’s responded to an injury accident in which one party was reported as being unconscious in the vehicle.

Theft 2024766

17000 blk Southcenter Pkwy

Security utilizing night-vision surveillance cameras observed individuals cutting seals on parked semi-trailers. The suspects gained entry to the facility by cutting through a gate having arrived and parked at a neighboring business. They attempted to remove boxes from the trailers to take with them. As officers arrived, the pair fled on foot but were unable to get to their vehicle. Since it was left on private property, the business had it promptly towed. Suspects were not located.

Malicious Mischief 2024768

5900 blk S 180th St

911 caller reporting a bullet hole in their vehicle window. Officer’s found a rear passenger side window damaged possibly from a bullet or other object. Caller reported having parked his car at 7PM and noticed the damage at around 9:25PM. No calls of an illegal discharge in the area or other suspicious activity reported.

Shoplift 2024770

17300 blk Southcenter Pkwy

Two females shoplifted $300 worth of merchandise and fled in a white Dodge Charge with Oregon plates. Suspects were not located but identifying information related to the vehicle was provided.

Suspicious Activity 2024772

16700 blk Southcenter Pkwy

After closing, an unknown male approached employees and told them he needed access to the business. They said no and he returned several more times and displayed what they believed to be a fake employee badge. He left. Employees noticed the alarm had also not been set properly and had possibly been tampered with.

Blotter November 2, 2020

Blotter for November 2nd – Busy Monday with 117 calls for service, several fights, recovered stolen vehicles and several individuals in mental crisis.

Recovered Stolen Auto 2024994

13100 blk Interurban Ave S

A vehicle stolen a day prior in Tukwila was located abandoned in a parking lot. Owner was contacted for retrieval.

Recovered Stolen Auto 2024995

13000 blk 48th Ave S

A vehicle stolen on October 24th in Tacoma was located abandoned in a parking lot near the above mentioned stolen vehicle. Owner was contacted for retrieval.

Auto Theft/Recovery 2025002

15600 blk West Valley Hwy

A vehicle containing three firearms was stolen just before 4AM. The suspect fled in the stolen vehicle. Vehicle was located several blocks away and recovered along with the firearms. Suspect was not located. Suspected described as a white male with brown hair, sideburns, blak hat, black jacket and red shorts.

Commercial Burglary 2025007

12600 blk Interurban Ave S

Commercial burglary that occurred sometime between last Friday and November 2nd was discovered by an employee. Case report taken.

Mental Crisis 2025009

3600 blk Southcenter Blvd

A male from Lakewood made claims that he was being followed by gang members from LA who were trying to kill him. Officers determined that he was in mental crisis. He was sent to the hospital for evaluation.

Commercial Burglary 2025-12

3400 blk S 152nd St

Burglary to construction site on Sunday morning. Case report taken.

Recovered Stolen Auto 2025022

16800 blk Southcenter Pkwy

A vehicle stolen in Auburn on October 6th was located abandoned behind a commercial business just before 10AM. Owner was contacted for retrieval.

Shoplift 2025024

6800 blk S 180th St

A male from Seattle was detained by loss prevention for shoplifting. He was arrested by citation and released.

Vehicle Prowl 2025029

4700 blk Southcenter Blvd

A male broken into a vehicle and stole a vehicle battery from it just before 10:30AM. He fled and was not located.

Vehicle Prowl 2025040

16800 blk Southcenter Pkwy

Suspect broken into a vehicle around 11AM and stole two bags from it.

Shoplift 2025054

400 blk Strander Blvd

Theft of a vacuum that occurred on Saturday was discovered via surveillance video.

Vehicle Prowl 2025057

15400 blk 39th Ln S

A vehicle was prowled overnight.

Fight 2025061

3700 blk S 144th St

Report of a fight involving an individual who brandished a firearm during the fight. Both parties fled in vehicles. No reports of injuries or contact from either involved party.

Fight 2025067

Strander Blvd at West Valley Hwy

Multiple 911 callers reporting two bloodied males fighting in the intersection. Arriving officers located a male from Renton and another from Federal Way both of which were intoxicated and fighting over a cigarette. Neither wanted to pursue charges. One was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Assault 2025083

13900 blk Tukwila International Blvd

Employee of a business was assaulted by a female. Surveillance video captured the assault. Victim suffered minor injuries and was treated by Tukwila FD. Case report taken.

Shoplift 2025089

Southcenter District

A male from Renton shoplifted from a department store and fled on foot. He was located by officers nearby and detained. Upon investigation, he was arrested by citation for shoplifting and released.

Disorderly Conduct 2025098

Southcenter District

A female was observed destroying merchandise and other objects while screaming at passerby’s. She fled on foot.

Missing Person 2025105

15600 blk West Valley Hwy

Passerby reported a male lying on the ground. Officers contacted the male and realized that he was reported missing from Tukwila on October 29th.  He was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Detox 200005732

14600 blk Tukwila International Blvd

Officers responded to an open-line sounds of screaming 911 call just after 10:30PM. Officers located a highly intoxicated male from Tukwila alone outside of a business that was closed. The male reported that he had been assaulted and that his cell phone had been stolen. Officers did not notice any visible injuries or other evidence to corroborate the story. He was transported to the hospital for detox.

Blotter November 3, 2020

Blotter for November 3rd – It was a cold and rainy Election Day. We had several vehicle accidents reported as a result. There are still people sneaking around the region trying to steal Toyota Prius catalytic converters for the metal inside of them. We had a few shoplifting incidents, trespassing incidents and disorderly subject calls throughout the day as well.

Trespass 2025117

17700 blk Southcenter Pkwy

An employee arrived to work at around 6:30AM and discovered a male passed out in the bathroom surrounded by drug paraphernalia. Suspect fled on foot. It is believed that he had been inside the location overnight.

Auto Theft 20251206400 blk S 143rd PLA vehicle was stolen overnight from a residence.

Unwanted Subject 2025129

3700 blk S 144th St

A male who was asked to leave a store refused to do so multiple times or did only to return shortly thereafter. He was trespassed from the location.

Shoplift/Warrant Arrest 2025139

Southcenter District

A juvenile male from Tacoma shoplifted and fled on foot. Officers located him nearby. He had a felony warrant for robbery and was in violation of supervised release. He was booked into King County Juvy Center.

Fraud 2025145

100 blk Andover Park E

Checks from a checkbook stolen in Kent during a burglary were cashed at a bank and a fraudulent deposit was also made.

Shoplift 2025148

6800 S 180th St

A male shoplifted and attempted to flee. Loss prevention recovered the merchandise. Suspect wasn’t located.

Burglary 2025151

15400 blk 39th LN S

Apartment managers discovered that someone(s) had broken down the door of a vacant unit and had been squatting there. Suspect(s) were not on scene at the time of officer’s arrival. Case report taken.

Theft 2025160

17400 blk West Valley Hwy

Known suspects stole a jacket containing a wallet and car keys. They used credit cards shortly after the theft. Case report taken and charges are pending investigation.

Vehicle Prowl 2025175

600 blk Andover Park E

Theft from vehicle reported.

Theft 2025177

100 blk Andover Park E

Tools were stolen from a trailer sometime during the day.

Trespass 2025186

14100 blk Tukwila International Blvd

Officers responded to a report of a male who had jumped the fence of a closed business just after 9PM. Another male waited outside acting as a lookout. Officers located both suspects and detained them. Both have criminal histories. Charges forwarded to prosecutor’s office.

Blotter November 17, 2020

Blotter for November 17th – It was a very windy day with heavy rains and some thunder and lightning as well. We had a busy day during it all which has been on par with the busy month we’ve had so far. Over the past month, we have taken several reports about an individual that rolls up to the Duwamish River near I-5 in a newer Toyota Camry, exits the vehicle, then randomly pops a few rounds off into the river before fleeing. The investigation into this is ongoing and evidence has been/is being collected related to these incidents.

Missing Person 2026303

15600 blk West Valley Hwy

An officer located a vehicle associated with an adult male who had been reported missing by a family member in Seattle last month. The male had disappeared with the family members vehicle and had not been seen or heard from since. Officer’s confirmed that the vehicle belonged to the family member and it was towed back to their residence at their request. The male who was reported has having been staying in a nearby hotel did not respond to officers attempts at contact him.

Auto Theft 2026304

3700 blk S 144th St

Reporting party stated that she had been talking with a friend in a parking lot just after 2AM and had left her keys in her vehicle. She observed two males get into her vehicle and drive away westbound on S 144th St. Vehicle was not located.

Shoplift 2026316

3700 blk S 144th St

A male that reportedly has a history of shoplifting at the same location shoplifted again and fled on foot. Officers located him nearby and took him into custody.

Theft 2026318

300 blk Strander Blvd

A male with a history of stealing a tip jar from the location returned and did much of the same again. He fled on foot and was not located.

Vehicle Prowl 2026324

3700 blk S 144th S

Suspect prowled a vehicle and fled. Video surveillance reviewed for evidence.

Vehicle Prowl 2026325

17200 blk Southcenter Pkwy

Suspect stole a purse from a vehicle and fled in their own vehicle. Thanks to a quick thinking witness, the suspect can expect to receive a letter of investigation in the mail.

Vehicle Prowl 2026327

3700 blk S 144th St

Suspect stole a purse from a vehicle and fled.

Armed Robbery 2026337

17000 blk Southcenter Pkwy

Two suspects entered a business, brandished a firearm and attempted to steal the cash register. When their attempt failed, they took money from a customer and fled. Major Crimes Unit (MCU) is investigating.

Injury Collision 2026338

Interurban Ave S @ Grady Way

Injury collision at the intersection just before 1PM.

Lewd Conduct 2026341

300 blk Baker Blvd

An officer patrolling in the area spotted an adult male from Seattle with his pants down urinating in a parking lot. The officer contacted the suspect and informed him that he was under arrest for lewd conduct at which point the suspect took off running. The officer caught up to the suspect and he physically resisted the officer’s attempts to detain him but was finally detained without incident. He was found to be in possession of stolen property from a nearby business. He was booked.

Illegal Discharge 2026352

S 130th PL near I-15

Continuous issue with a male briefing shooting a firearm into the river then fleeing in a vehicle. Multiple shell casings were collected for evidence.

Unwanted Person 2026358

Southcenter District

An adult male was making lewd and violent comments towards female employees of a business. He fled when 911 was called and was not located.

Suspicious Activity 2026364

3400 blk S 144th St

A male with a van parked at a nearby business was observed attempting to use a garage door opener to open a door to a garage that did not belong to him. He would leave when the owner would come out then come back and try again. He was not located.

Auto Recovery 2026365

12200 blk 45th Ave S

A vehicle stolen just hours prior in SeaTac was located abandoned. The registered owner was notified and retrieved it.

Unwanted Person 2026367

4000 blk S 139th St

A male with a history of using a commercial parking garage to hide and smoke the devil’s lettuce was caught by employees and asked to leave. He refused to do so. Officer’s contacted him and he agreed to leave.

Auto Recovery 2026377

13700 blk 53rd Ave S

A vehicle stolen in Tukwila on November 13th was located abandoned at a park. The registered owner was contacted to retrieve it. This has increasingly become a popular spot for a particular car thief to abandon stolen cars.

Disorderly Conduct/Assault 2026381

6900 blk Fort Dent Way

An adult male from Federal Way who was heavily under the influence, believed that his was in peril and in need of rescuing at a hotel. He pulled the fire alarm then used a fire extinguisher to attempt to force entry into a random room. The room’s occupant opened the door only to be assaulted by the suspect. The suspect was detained and sent to the hospital for detox. Charges were forwarded to the prosecutors office.

Blotter November 18, 2020

Blotter for November 18th – Yet another busy day for us. Officers responded to multiple threats calls, shoplifting calls and auto theft calls. There were several reported mail thefts as well.

As a reminder, please do not leave any valuables in your vehicle or any types of bags, backpacks, purses etc. in plain sight if for some reason you have to leave them in your vehicle. If you have to leave any bags or other items in your vehicle that would attract a potential vehicle prowler, lock them in your trunk or secure them out of sight in the glove box, center console, under your seat etc.

Mail Theft 2026385

12200 blk 51st PL S

Mail theft reported at around 1:30AM

Mental Crisis 2026391

10800 blk E Marginal Way S

Officers contacted a suicidal adult male in mental crisis at around 5AM. He was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Attempted Burglary 2026393

11600 blk 40th Ave S

Homeowner discovered that sometime overnight, someone(s) attempted to break into their garage and damaged the garage door. Nothing appeared to be missing and no one was found inside.

Auto Theft 2026394

4500 blk S 163rd PL

A black, Dodge Ram pickup was stolen sometime overnight.

Auto Theft 2026399

300 blk Updland Dr

A green, Honda Civic was stolen sometime overnight.

Recovered Stolen Auto 20264401

13000 blk 48th Ave S

An officer patrolling in an area that has increasing been associated with stolen vehicles and narcotics activity located a Honda Civic that had been stolen in Ephrata. An adult male from Kent was found sleeping in the vehicle. Officers awoke him from his slumber and he gave the standard scripted narrative of answers as to why it wasn’t his vehicle and how he hadn’t stolen it. Vehicle was impounded and suspect was released due to lack of probable cause. Please do not accept a random car from a random person that you’ve never met before while just happening to be in a hotbed area of stolen cars…

Recovered Stolen Auto 2026402

4400 blk S 160th St

A utility trailer that had been stolen in Tukwila on November 11th was found abandoned. Owner was notified.

Threats 2026411

14200 blk Tukwila International Blvd

A male stated that another male that he did not know threatened to kill him while he was at a restaurant.

Vehicle Prowl 2026415

15600 blk West Valley Hwy

Victim reported that sometime overnight, someone entered their vehicle and stolen identity documents, birth certificate, and other sensitive documents as well as a purse and several watches.

Shoplift 2026416

Southcenter District

A repeat shoplifter returned to the location and tried his hand at shoplifting again. An employee followed him for quite a distance until the suspect got sick of being followed and threw the merchandise back at the employee who recovered it. Officers located the suspect and trespassed him from the location at the request of the employee.

Shoplift 2026418

17100 blk Southcenter Pkwy

A known shoplifter returned to a business that he had previously shoplifted from before on multiple occasions. Due to his frequent flyer status, employees immediately recognized him. He shoplifted again but dropped the merchandise when approached by loss prevention then fled on foot. He was not located.

Threat With a Weapon 2026420

4200 blk.S 137th PL

Officers responded to the report of a family dispute in which a male from SeaTac had brandished a knife and threatened other individuals in the household with it before shutting himself in a room. Family members exited the residence without incident as officers were arriving. While attempting to contact the suspect, he exited the residence on his own and was taken into custody without incident.

Shoplift/Drugs 2026434 & 2026435

17100 blk Southcenter Pkwy

The same suspect from the above incident that fled at that time returned and shoplifted. He fled again on foot. While officers were looking for him, a nearby business called 911 reporting that there was a male smoking meth in the bathroom and refusing to leave. The description matched that of the suspect. As officers made their way to the business but the suspect had already fled. Multiple shoplifting cases involving the same suspect have been reported by the business.

Threat With a Weapon  2026437

15000 blk Tukwila Int Blvd

Employee of a business reported that a male had entered the store and tried to stab him with a long knife. The suspect immediately fled the location on foot. A Renton PD K9 officer responded to perform a K9 track of the suspect. The suspect was not located at the time. Four hours later, officers located the suspect who is an adult male from Kent. He had a felony DOC Escape warrant and was booked on the warrant. Investigation into the initial incident is ongoing.

Shoplift 2026442

17300 blk Southcenter Pkwy

Employees reported two individuals that were shoplifting tablets. One fled the store and the other remained behind. Officers contacted her after being informed that she had hid a tablet in her backpack. No tablet was found by the backpack was lined with foil consistent with methods shoplifters use to attempt to bypass audible security sensors on merchandise while exiting stores.

Shoplift 2026446

Southcenter District

A male wearing a cowboy hat shoplifted then fled in a white Chevrolet Tahoe.

Mail Theft 2026449

4200 blk S 160th St

Mutiple mailboxes broken into over the past week.

Package Theft 2026450

3400 blk S 135th St

Porch pirate struck sometime just before 6PM and stole a package from a porch.

Trespass 2026454

15100 blk 42nd Ave S

Home owner found two males sneaking around his property just after 11PM. They fled when they realized that they had been noticed.

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