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Convicted Felon with Narcotics and Warrants Arrested by Detectives

It’s a nice day for a stroll unless you have warrants, pockets full of narcotics and happen to be well known to law enforcement and out for said stroll a block from the police station.

Just before 1PM, a Community Police Team (CPT) Detective spotted a 36-year-old known convicted felon from Des Moines with an active felony Department of Corrections (DOC) Escape warrant walking in the 15200 blk Tukwila International Blvd.

The detective stopped the individual and he was detained without incident. During a search incident to arrest, a bag of fentanyl pills and another bag containing a substance consistent with crystal meth were recovered from the suspect’s person along with cash. The suspect was booked into jail.

We get a lot of questions about fentanyl as it has become the dominant drug on the market in our region. Part of why, is because the current street price is around $1 per pill. The pills are normally blue in color and oftentimes marked with “M30” on them. Part of why they are so lethal is due to the consistency of the narcotics in each pill as they are manufactured by street pharmacists without any type of control. One pill may contain little to no narcotic and mostly a substance that is added to it to “cut it” whereas another pill might contain a lethal dose of the narcotic. Bottom line, there is no quality control or consistency and taking fentanyl is like a game of Russian roulette as you never truly know

Our officers and detectives are still actively out there making these contacts and making arrests. We have been heavily focusing on the areas of Southcenter Blvd and Tukwila International Blvd along with Light Rail emphasis patrols. These areas have had numerous issues with public narcotic use and transactions and other problems related to the narcotics business such as property crimes, graffiti etc.

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