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Motorcycle Thief Arrested Following Foot Pursuit

At around 6:46PM, officers responded to a business in the 100 blk Andover Park E after a stolen motorcycle was tracked to the location by it’s owner.

Arriving officers located the owner of the motorcycle who stated the suspect a 38-year-old male from Ravensdale had gone inside of the businesses. Shortly thereafter, the suspect emerged from the business and saw the victim and members of the Tukwila PD Track Team. The victim positively ID’d the suspect.

Upon being advised by the Acting Sergeant to stop and that he was not free to leave, the suspect chose instead to go the felony cardio route and attempted to flee on foot. The Acting Sergeant a 16-year police veteran currently undefeated in foot pursuits defended his undefeated title by giving chase along with a rookie officer. The suspect was taken to the ground by officers and resisted arrest. An officer suffered minor injuries during the scuffle.

It was determined that the suspect had a felony warrant for burglary out of Seattle. He was taken into custody and is being booked on the warrant along with charges of Possession of a Stolen Vehicle being forwarded to the Major Crimes Unit (MCU) for filing.

As with the recurring theme and general message lately…We will rapidly respond to crimes in progress, we will arrest you if there is cause to do so and you will be booked into jail should you choose to visit our city for the purpose of committing crimes. There is a very real vibe on the streets that suspects seem to think they can brazenly commit crimes and just walk away without any consequences. While that may be true or have the outward appearance of being true in some cities, that is not the case in ours.

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