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Sergeant Anderson – 2021 Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Sergeant Anderson for being selected as the 2021 Employee of the Year! šŸ„³

In 2021, Sergeant Anderson supervised the Community Police Team (CPT) that has always been among the first to assist with the Departmentā€™s problem solving efforts. Despite the challenges, he routinely approaches community issues with a good attitude and works with various resources to accomplish the mission of the CPT.

Sergeant Anderson continues to work on solutions to the homeless issue, working to find resources for our transient community and clean up camps that can create health concerns. He and his team will be featured in our upcoming outreach video dropping in the next week or two.

He has worked with several communities and community groups to address local challenges and has partnered with his team to come up with innovative and creative solutions to solve these issues. He is frequently asked to think “outside of the box” to address concerns that may not necessarily have a law enforcement solution other than a general community caretaking and relationship building function, which is critical for the success of the department during these times.

The function of CPT is to address community issues and often requires an eclectic combination of talents and problem-solving abilities. Sergeant Anderson has proven time and again to possess these talents and to be up to the challenge of this responsibility.

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