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Mental Health Co-Responder Joins Tukwila PD

We are pleased to welcome Jackie Harris our team. Jackie is our Mental Health Co-Responder contracted from Sound Health to the Tukwila Police Department. Jackie has worked in the behavioral health field for 5 years, focusing on domestic violence and adult residential services. She holds a Master’s degree in Applied Psychological Sciences from Pacific University and has received extensive training in de-escalation, safety-planning, and risk assessments.

As the Mental Health Co-Responder, the overall goal of the position is to divert community members away from the hospital or jail by promoting community-based treatment options, referring them to resources and helping with de-escalation. When appropriate, Jackie also assists with the hospitalization process by engaging the King County Crisis and Commitment Team for those that need their services.

Another function that Jackie performs is working with our unhoused population to connect them to the right resources or reconnect them to resources that they already may have been connected to. Follow-up is done in the field with those who have been contacted by Jackie and officers to keep them engaged with the resources and assistance provided to them.

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