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Heat Advisory

This weekend is going to be HOT 🔥 We’re expecting to see temperatures at or above 100° over the next several days along with temperatures in the 90s in next week.

It is going to be hot and very dry. This is NOT the time to be setting off fireworks. Our Tukwila Fire Department crews are busy as it is this time of year. Please don’t add to it by starting brush fires or structure fires by setting off fireworks in these extremely hot and dry conditions.

Check out the attached health flyer and website linked below for tips on dealing with the heat. While this heat may be everyday and normal for Arizona and other hot places, most residences in Washington are not equipped with AC and we don’t regularly see this type of heat. Stay hydrated, don’t overdo it with physical exertion and if you’re showing signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, stop what you’re doing and seek help.

Tips for Hot Weather

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