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Officers test new Virtual Reality training equipment

Today, we were happy to host several Axon representatives who gave our Patrol Tactics instructors a demonstration on their latest Virtual Reality (VR) training equipment and new Taser 7 systems. As technology advances, we see more and more opportunities to improve our performance and training methodologies by incorporating technology into our training regimens and daily duties.

Unlike traditional police training programs that often focus solely on deadly force encounters, this VR training focuses on de-escalation and proper tactics to safely de-escalate and resolve incidents whenever feasibly possible. This includes modules on suicidal subjects, those in mental crisis, interacting with those on the autism spectrum and other situations that officers encounter repeatedly each and every day.

Each and every situation in the real world is different however and there are times when de-escalation is either not an option or ceases to be an option based on a suspect’s actions. What can be a simple contact and conversation with someone one minute can rapidly turn into a deadly force scenario within the blink of an eye.

All of our uniformed officers currently deploy in the field with Axon body cameras, dash cameras, rear facing transport compartment cameras and tasers. All of these systems interact with each other, log vital information and assist officers in documenting all of their encounters.

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