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We see the bare shelves in some places and recognize that some folks are panic buying. Grocery stores are continuing to receive supplies like normal. The supply chains will remain strong as long as people only buy what they need. Don’t forget your mask and to maintain social distance in stores and please stay patient with hardworking employees, who are just trying to do their job. These tips come from the Washington Food Industry Association:

✔️Make a List and Stay Focused: Before you head out to the store, take a few moments to make an itemized list of what you need. This helps you shop more efficiently and not spend extra time in the stores.

✔️Try “Contactless” Shopping: Order ahead, pay ahead, then use curbside pick-up or try a delivery.

✔️ Shop Off-Peak Hours: Type the name of the store and its location in Google search. A box will pop up showing when foot traffic there is highest.

✔️ Respect the Limits Set – Don’t Hoard! Many stores have place limits on items such as eggs, toilet paper and more. Please respect these limits. They have been set in place to make sure that the products are available for all shoppers.

✔️ Please keep your neighbors in mind and limit your purchases to only what you need; don’t take it all. There is enough product available for everyone. Please think of your fellow shoppers who also may need supplies as well.

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