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Tukwila Sergeant places 1st in Jiu-Jitsu competition

Congrats to Tukwila PD athlete Sergeant Harris who took first place at the Fuji Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) tournament in Everett this past weekend.

Sergeant Harris was first introduced to BJJ through our department implemented Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) training. GST teaches officers BJJ techniques and tactics to quickly and safely take a suspect into custody without having to resort to blows, strikes or other less lethal means.

Through the introduction to BJJ via our GST program, Sergeant Harris and many other officers have since sought out BJJ schools to further their training. The additional training translates to officers that are better trained and more confident in their abilities to safely restrain combative suspects while using the absolute minimal level of force possible which reduces the risk of injury to the suspect and officer.

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