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F-Series Truck Thefts

A national trend has made its way to Washington in the last several months. In Tukwila, we have seen an increase in Ford F-250 and F-350 truck thefts over the past several months. We have also recovered several that were stolen in other cities. In 2019, an estimated 38,000 F-series trucks were stolen nationwide beating out the previous car thieves vehicle of choice the Honda Civic.

The F-series trucks are desirable for several reasons. The Diesel engines found in some models can sell for upwards of $4,000+. The trucks are also widely popular and other parts of them can fetch hefty prices. Truck thieves have gotten particularly good at quickly manipulating the locks and ignitions to steal them.

Whenever possible, park your vehicle in a garage or secured location. If not, park it in a well-lit area, do not leave keys in the vehicle and utilize an audible vehicle alarm and or vehicle tracking device such as LoJack to assist with recovery efforts should your vehicle be stolen.

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